As an Entertainment entity, to assure the best in entertainment for its viewing audience, the TV Romania-West is associated with 3 other Entertainment institutions:

1. TVR-Romania International, The Society of Romania's TV
2. Sahia TV & Entertainment service on (
3. AnimaFilm - The Romanian Society for Animation

( USA.



Working with contract, and in full cooperation with the Society of Romania's TV - International Department -, TV Romania-West is engaged in an activity of producing and telecasting TV programs, made in Romania by the Society of Romania's TV/International Department, and adapted by the TVRomania-West of California for its regional needs, telecasted through various American TV Cable Channels (LA@36, the International Channel, etc.) for the benefit of the Romanian-American Community in the USA and Canada, according to the rules and regulations of each TV Channel engaged in telecasting such programs.


  1. LACTAC - Los Angeles Cable Television Access Company (Channel "36") - The Educational Channel.

  2. International Channel

  3. Channel service on - TV service

  4. Channel 1service advertising CI-TV - multi-nationals and multi-language service

  5. Century Communications - 65% of Cable Market Penetration of TV Homes

  6. Media One Broadband - Western Region

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